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Descending from the most prominent political family of the nation, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as one of the most powerful leaders in India. In the short span of his political career, he maintained to cover the distance from a mere party worker to the primary contender in the race of Prime Minister of the nation. He had made endless contributions to the development of the nation and the welfare of its people. Even though he holds the key position of President in Congress party, his approach and work conduct is entirely different from any other politician of Congress or any other party. It is the result of his hard efforts that Congress has managed to regain its lost trust again after the massive defeat of the party in 2014.

Unlike any other party politician who still follows the divide and rule approach to maintain their vote banks, Rahul Gandhi is engaged in unifying the different communities of the nation to provide a better future for the upcoming generations. Rahul Gandhi achievements can be anticipated from the fact that he has been facing criticism consistently from opposition party members. His no tolerance policy against corruption has become the reason of imminent threat to the corrupt politicians of the nation as he is known to boycott his own party members who were engaged in acts of corruption.

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Rahul Gandhi achievements are not dependent on the awards and honors he received. He is the only politician in the entire nation who is determined to solve the problem of rural India at ground level. He can be easily seen spending hours with farmers in their farms and cottages. He has been also seen eating peasant food with people belonging from the lower segment of society. He believes that in order to solve any problem, it should be addressed from the area of its inception which helps you in assessing the actual intensity of the problem and draft its solution accordingly. He has rallied along with the farmers to fight for their rights and got arrested for the same. He was arrested by UP police while he was supporting the farmers in their peaceful protest to get the rightful price of their lands which were undertaken by the Government for real estate project. Even after then high security in the region, Rahul managed to reach Bhatta Parsaul on the pillion seat of a villager motorcycle to a help the farmers in their fight against the injustice.

The achievements of Rahul Gandhi were first identified when he won the 2004 election from his father constituency Amethi with a huge difference of votes. It was the first time when Rahul has taken part in an election. Even after the lack of trust from his own party members, he managed to win the election at the very beginning of his political career. The results of 2004 elections put an end to all the questions that were being asked about his leadership qualities and political abilities.

Adding to list of achievements of Rahul Gandhi, Rahul managed to repeat his success in 2009 Lok Sabha election again. By this time, he has realized that the youth need to be involved in the political system of India to bring some serious changes to the nation. With his distant vision, he fielded a large number of youngsters in 2009 elections. He was able to see the potential of the young generation of India which any other politician failed to see. As a result of his youth-oriented strategy, he almost single-handedly wins the 2009 Election in Uttar Pradesh. This repeated victory establishes Rahul’s image as a great leader and role model for the youngsters.

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Rahul Gandhi has been instrumental in motivating the young generation of India to take an active part in the political architecture of the nation. Unlike any other politician who failed to see the bigger picture here, Rahul has realized that the future of this nation is dependent upon the young generation. In order to rule out the corrupt politics prevailing in our nation, it is necessary to engage the young blood in politics. The next 10 years will become very critical if the command of the nation is left in the hands of corrupt politicians who have been exploiting the country and its people from many decades. If the young generation is engaged today in the political system, they will be able to intercept the political game in the next 5 years and gain a much stronger position in the next elections. With this ideology, Rahul opened the doors for the youngsters to pursue politics as a career option which will be beneficial for the sustainable growth of the nation and its strong position in front of international committee due to the presence of young visionaries in its political body. Rahul Gandhi achievement can also be intercepted on the fact that over 20 lakh youngsters join IYC and NSUI after Rahul has taken command of these youth Congress entities. The numbers of members were limited to 2 lakh only before Rahul has reached out for the young generation.

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Another major achievement of Rahul Gandhi is that he has been instrumental in the development of think tank of Indian youth congress by hand picking at least 40 individuals to set the foundation of changing political scenario in the country.

In his political career, Rahul Gandhi has received a lot of love as well as criticism. Under both conditions, he has not deflected from his path to bring the nation to new heights of success, peace and empowerment. A man of such calibre and down to earth approach is the grave necessity of the nation in these turbulent times to eliminate the degrading factors like corruption, injustice, poverty and inequality from our society.

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