Is Rahul Gandhi addicted to cocaine ?

Emerging as one of the strongest politicians of India, Rahul Gandhi has unwillingly drawn himself toward the new controversies arising against him on daily basis. With his unmatched leadership in Congress party and selfless efforts for the development of rural India, he is giving a lot of popularity among the common masses of the nation. For the same reason, this young president of Congress party is facing a lot of heat from members of other political parties.

Every now and then, some senior leader from BJP or any other rivalry of Congress appear in front of media and make senseless claims against Rahul Gandhi. Even though Rahul has maintained to keep his silence against these foolish allegations, it has been irritating in the current political scenario any stupid comment made by any politician is served as the breaking news in media. The endless thirst of increasing TRP has blinded the media channels completely and they are presenting any sort of controversial news to the people directly without emphasizing on the fact whether it is true or not.

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One of the similar controversial news that gained the attention of every single media channel in India arises when the senior leader of BJP and MP of Rajya Sabha Subramanian Swamy has accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of using cocaine. This statement was a result of an angry outburst of Mr. Swamy against Rahul Gandhi. This sort of panics and attacking other party members has become the main agenda of an Indian politician. If the time that is being wasted by these politicians in accusing others is spent on performing their actual duties, there will be no need accusing a politician from another party.

Due to his corruption-free politics, Rahul Gandhi has become throne in the eyes of many politicians. If he was elected as the Prime Minister of the nation, he will become an imminent threat to the major source of income of these corrupt leaders as he strongly stands against the corruption. In order to prevent this from happening, it has become the primary task of many senior politicians of India to prevent Rahul Gandhi from gaining anymore reputation and support. The oldest trick found in the books of these politicians is to destroy the image of their opponent by accusing him of crimes he had never committed.

The outburst of Mr. Swamy on Rahul Gandhi drugs association is nothing but an act of desperation to destroy the rising image of Rahul Gandhi and his party Congress.

It was not the first time when swami has blamed someone relentlessly. He has a strong history accusing leaders of other parties every now and then. It is a surprising fact that the number of allegations Mr. Swamy charged against other politicians is significantly greater than the number of achievements in his entire career. What’s more interesting is that Mr. Swamy is also one of the most prominent lawyers in India whose only contribution in his entire years of service is accusing the people of the crimes that they have never committed in their entire life.

The credibility and trust values of BJP can be justified on the basis of false accusations that are repeatedly fired by one of their prominent party member Mr. Swamy.

It was found later that’s why we need this statement to express his anger towards Rahul Gandhi when Congress party demanded a dope test before the recruitment of any policeman or government official in the state of Punjab. The association of Rahul Gandhi with drugs becomes a nationwide use overnight after Swamy has commented that the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi id addicted to drugs and especially. Mocking the Congress party for the dope test they requested, swami added that Rahul Gandhi will definitely fail a dope test.

This news of Rahul Gandhi drug abuse spread like fire on social media. A comment was made without any proof to defame the image a person and the entire nation reacted to it without trying to find the truth. The person who made that comment has achieved his task of destroying another person’s image on the ground of lies and get away with it without any legal consequences. These shameful acts arises a lot of questions about the degrading level of politics every day in India and the silence of the world’s largest democracy against these degenerating cast of cowardice, corruption, and defamation.

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If it took this matter into serious consideration, we will find that the request made by Congress legitimate but the election of swami today’s request was somehow not anticipated. If BJP was so confident that the employees working in the government agencies of Punjab were not associated with any kind of drug abuse, what harm it will yield in conducting a dope test. It is a very common practice any private companies, as well as government agencies, request a dope test before selection an employee.

One foolish comment from a senior leader of BJP party changed the entire course of action. The request of a dope test in the selection of state government employees in Punjab has turned into a series of tweets mocking Congress President Rahul Gandhi and the issue was buried under this controversy of Rahul Gandhi drug abuse.

The question that still remains at large who are we supporting and why? We made fun of a party leader who was seriously concerned about the drug addiction of over 70% youth of Punjab. We are still mocking him on social media with stupid jokes and memes but we don’t raise a single word of objection against the real culprit here. What we actually did is reacted on a false comment furiously making Rahul Gandhi culprit for asking a dope test in Punjab.

Rahul Gandhi drugs case was one of the many false allegations that are made against him in a recent couple of years. Instead of mocking him, it is time to support him for the development of a better India, a country which is a safe and nurturing place for its every citizen.

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