10 Facts to know about Rahul Gandhi

Since his inception in politics, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as one of the most powerful politicians of the nation. It is a well-known fact that Rahul Gandhi is descending on the legacy of his family in Indian politics but his approach and method are quite different as any other member of Congress party. Within a short period of time, he established himself as your beloved politician who is now appearing as one of the main contenders for the post of Prime Minister in the elections of 2019. The rapidly increasing support of the common population of India toward Rahul Gandhi has become the prominent reason of an increasing threat of defeat in the opposition party. As the result of this emerging threat toward the position of the opposition party BJP in 2019 elections, BJP supporters and leaders are trying very hard to demote the image of Rahul Gandhi in India. The continuous mocking and acquisitions against Rahul Gandhi on social media and news channels is the result of this distress among the leaders of the BJP party.

Even after all this criticism, Rahul Gandhi has remained dedicated toward his goal of running for the position of Prime Minister of the nation against Narendra Modi.

Here are some lesser known Rahul Gandhi facts which will surely change your vision toward the young president of Congress party

 1  Early Life:
48 years old Rahul Gandhi is the elder son of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Since his childhood, he has seen his family members taking an active part in Indian politics. His grandmother and father have served as the Prime Minister of the nation at a different instance of time. Upbringing in such a political environment marked Rahul’s destiny toward the political career. The school life of Rahul Gandhi has faced some major ups and downs due to the consistent dangers revolving around the Gandhi family. He attended various schools situated in Delhi and Dehradun. After the assassination of his grandmother Indira Gandhi who was serving as the Prime Minister of the nation, Rahul Gandhi was homeschooled along with his sister Priyanka as the Gandhi family was facing eminent threads of their lives.

2. College Life

The higher education of Rahul Gandhi was similar to his school education. He has to change a lot of colleges in order to complete his graduation. He went to St. Stephen college in Delhi for one year and switched to Harvard University in the United States states after giving his first-year exams. He was affiliated in an under graduation program at Harvard but dropped his education in the middle after the assassination of his father Rajiv Gandhi who was also serving as the Prime Minister of the nation at the time of his death. The finally completed his graduation from Trinity College in Florida where he was awarded a Bachelor Degree in Arts.

3. Taking an alias name

Due to significantly increasing thread against Gandhi family, Rahul Gandhi changed his name to Raul Vinci. It is one of the most interesting Rahul Gandhi fact which is marked in the history of India. He completed his M. Phil under this alias identity from Rollins College, University of Cambridge. His identity was only known by security agents and a couple of people in college administration.

4. His Life before Politics: 

Before joining the political arena of India, Rahul Gandhi served a London-based management consultancy firm for a period of 3 years. He later moved back to India and started his own company by the name of Backops Private Limited in Mumbai. His company deals in international outsourcing process.

5. Going into Political Profession:
Rahul Gandhi joined Indian politics 14 years ago in the year 2004 while declaring his participation in the Lok Sabha elections from his father’s constituency, Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. Announcement to take part in the elections was quite shocking for the members of Congress party is sister Priyanka Gandhi is considered the one with a more charming personality that can lead to word the victory of Congress in Amethi and Rahul Gandhi’s experience in the politics was very limited. Despite all this, he took part in 2004 elections and won with a great majority of votes.  

6. Motivating Indian Youth

The young wings of Congress party in India IYC and NSUI have faced a significant increase in the number of young party members after Rahul Gandhi was given command of these two political entities. In a short span of time, the number of young party members in Congress increased from 2 lacs to 20 lacs.

rahul gandhi history7. Warding off his Personal Life:

Another lesser-known Rahul Gandhi fact is that he was in a relationship with Veronica Cartelli for over a decade. He met Veronica while pursuing his Masters in Philosophy as she was the student of the same college.

8. Getting Arrested:
Rahul Gandhi was arrested in 2011 Uttar Pradesh police in Bhatta Parsaul town while he was campaigning with the farmers fighting for the right full amount of money for their lands. He was released after 3 hours of his arrest and was advised to leave for Delhi immediately.

9. Farmers leader

Rahul Gandhi can be easily seen spending his days in rural villages with the farmers in their farms and houses. He believes that a solution of any problem can be achieved if it is addressed at ground level.

10. Fake cases registered

Looking deep into Rahul Gandhi facts, we will find that he was accused of fake cases of rape and drug abuse by the members of the opposition party. None of these cases was proven in the court.


These are some of the lesser known facts about Rahul Gandhi and his life apart from a politician. He is one of the best leader India has seen indicates who is capable of changing the corrupt political architecture of the nation

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